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When will it start up again? Or is there no definite date?
Sadly, no! I said I’d be making more pages but I started college and it’s really killed my free time, amongst other things! It really sucks because I was pretty pumped about finally closing chapter one LMAO!!! I’ve also been trying to concretely plan out how i want the next chapters to roll story-wise but im so indecisive/nervous!! (‘-’ )… It’s gonna come back though…but there’s no definite date atm sorry!!

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a handwriting meme i got tagged by valvala!! my handwriting is not cute

1. your name 2. your url 3. your blog title 4. your crush 5. your favorite color 6. write something in all capitals 7. your favorite band 8. your favorite number 9. your favorite thing to drink

i tag everyone because IM LAZ Y!!!!!!!


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some new vs old comparisons bc im thinking a lot cry!!!!!!

boooo (ryuko)