a handwriting meme i got tagged by valvala!! my handwriting is not cute

1. your name 2. your url 3. your blog title 4. your crush 5. your favorite color 6. write something in all capitals 7. your favorite band 8. your favorite number 9. your favorite thing to drink

i tag everyone because IM LAZ Y!!!!!!!


misc stuff mainly emma

some new vs old comparisons bc im thinking a lot cry!!!!!!

boooo (ryuko)

more facts meme!! heres why chantelle wanted to be on the train ok thats enough

i got this for the facts meme so ill just do a couple AHAH



Early Update!

Page 115: I can’t speak for the fellas reading, but I feel like many of those of the female persuasion have had the dressing room experience with your mom/grandma/aunt/friend/what have you, where you are trapped in some article of clothing and need them to rush in and save you? 

Too many times…

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